Shavuot Global Prayer Day

with Jobst Bittner, Jürgen Bühler, Suzette Hattingh, Walter Heidenreich, Chuck Pierce, Peter Wenz and Leaders of Prayer Networks from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Join the 24 h Shavuot Global Prayer Day

Online Prayer Conference

May 28, 2020  5-7 pm (CET)

Worship, prayer and teaching by international speakers and leaders of prayer networks. 

International Prayer Chain

May 28- 29, 2020

Prayer chain from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America with 10,000+ intercessors.

(View prayer schedule)

Online Closing Session

May 29, 2020 5-6 pm (CET)

Wrapping up the prayer chain with prayer leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

What is the vision?

Through the Corona crisis, we are experiencing God's end-time wake-up call and preparation for a new time worldwide. Never before in history nor in church history has there ever been a time like this, when churches and congregations were closed and we were called to seek God's face in our own homes.

The Jewish Feast of Shavuot comes at the end of the 50 day period that began at Passover. It is the "Harvest Festival" (see Exodus 23:16) and the Day of First Fruits (see Numbers 28:16). Jews commemorate the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai on this day, which is why the Ten Commandments are read from the Torah that day. (Ex 20:1-23)

When the disciples gathered in Jerusalem at Pentecost, it was for the Jewish "Feast of Weeks" (Greek pentecoste = the 50th day), which is another name for Shavuot. The outpouring of the fire of the Holy Spirit at Shavuot was the beginning of a new era and the most tremendous harvest in the history of the Church. 

What will happen?

Shavuot Global Prayer Day aims to mobilize churches, congregations and prayer networks around the world to form a 24 hour prayer chain. It begins at the time of the Israeli start of Shavuot with a 2-hour online conference from 5 - 7 pm (CET) on May 28 and ends with a central online- closing event from 5 - 6 pm (CET) on May 29, 2020.

In between these two events one-hour prayer shifts will be set in such a way that the nations within their time zone can participate, either – if possible – from their own stage, or via Zoom together with other prayer leaders. Each nation is free to link their own 24 hour prayer chain to the Shavuot Global Prayer Day. You can read the schedule of nations here

What is the prayer focus?

The recent history of the coronavirus in connection with the prophetic moment of Shavuot and Pentecost provides us with our prayer focus. We believe that we are on the threshold of a new era that will be ushered in worldwide by a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, bringing forth an end-time harvest and re-establishing God's Word and His commandments in the nations. It is the time in which we also connect in friendship and bless Israel as God's chosen people. The Holy Spirit is asking us whether we are ready with Ex 20, 2Chr 7:14; and Acts 2 to seek God's face in prayer all over the world and to bring to birth God's new era together through worship, declaration and in spiritual authority. 

What is the schedule?
This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

17:00-19:0017:00InternationalOnline Prayer Conference
19:0019:00 PolandPrayer Shift 
20:0020:00South AfricaPrayer Shift 
21:0020:00UKPrayer Shift 
22:0022:00NorwayPrayer Shift 
23:0017:00Dominican RepublicPrayer Shift 
00:0018:00ParaguayPrayer Shift
01:0018:00USAPrayer Shift 
02:0019:00ColombiaPrayer Shift 
03:0020:00PeruPrayer Shift 
04:0009:00 ThailandPrayer Shift 
05:0022:00EcuadorPrayer Shift 
06:0006:00 HungaryPrayer Shift 
07:0008:00BelarusPrayer Shift 
08:0009:00LithuaniaPrayer Shift
09:0015:00 MongoliaPrayer Shift 
10:0011:00UkrainePrayer Shift 
11:0006:00ArgentinaPrayer Shift
12:0019:00IndonesiaPrayer Shift
13:0019:00MalaysiaPrayer Shift
14:0020:00 ChinaPrayer Shift 
15:0009:00BoliviaPrayer Shift 
16:0017:00IsraelPrayer Shift 


Closing Session



How can I take part?

  1. Register below
  2. Receive the Link for the Livestream via E-Mail
  3. Watch and pray on May 28 and May 29 

Which languages are available?

The main language of the Kick-off conference and the Closing session will be English. There will be translation available to German, Russian, Polish, English, Spanish and French.

The prayer shifts will be held in the local language of the country responsible. Sometimes English translation will be provided.

Who will join?

Ministries and Churches joining Shavuot Global Prayer Day



Abraham Dienste (Switzerland)

Amanda le Roux (South Africa)

Apostolisches Zentrum Wuppertal (Germany)

Ariella Ministries (South Africa)

Cfa la cumbre (Colombia)

CGFR Christengemeinde Freiburg (Germany)

Day&Night (Norway)

Dresden International Church / Ev.-luth. St.Pauli-Kirche Dresden (Germany)

Ekklesia Harburg (Germany)

Ephraim House Ministries (Australia)

Evangelical Sisters of Mary UK (UK)

Evangelische Marienschwesternschaft e.V. Darmstadt (Germany)

FCJG (Germany)

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (Germany)

Forum Israel - nie wieder schweigen! (Germany)

Fundacja Pojednanie (Poland)

Gebet Zur Umkehr 2020 (Germany)

Gebetshaus Krefeld (Germany) 

Gebetshaus Würzburg (Germany)

Gebetsschule e.V. (Germany)

Glaubenszentrum Bad Gandersheim (Germany)

Glory of Zion (USA)

GOSPEL Forum (Germany)

HELP International (Germany)

His Presence (Germany)

ICCC Deutschland (Germany)

Iglesia Centro Familiar de Adoración (Colombia)

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (Israel)

International House of Apostolic Reformation (Germany)

Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations (Israel)

JMS Altensteig (Germany)

Jugend mit einer Mission Deutschland (Germany)

K im Fluss e.V. (Germany)

Kiew Jewish Messianic Congregation (Ukraine)

Kingdom Advance Network (UK)

Kveldsbibelskolen Troens Ord (Norway)

Lichtblick Aue e.V. (Germany)

Movechurch Wiesbaden (Germany)

Objectif France/Tsarfat Pour Israël (France)

One God - One Day - One Africa (South Africa)

One New Man Ministries (UK)

Pastor Mani Valera (Dominican Republic) 

Pastor Moises Amaya (Colombia)

Prayer House Zürich (Switzerland)

Stoffwechsel Dresden (Germany) 

T.A.U.B.E. e.V. Oberhausen (Germany)

The Crossover Project (USA)

The Living Rock Church (UK)

Troens Ord Norge (Norway)

Versöhnungsgemeinde SCHALOM (Germany)

Voice in the City (Germany)

Wächterruf - Gebetsnetzwerk für Deutschland (Germany)

Warrington House of Prayer (UK)





How can I join the “Shavuot Global Prayer Day” with my Ministry, Church or Prayer Network?

Register your Ministry below and share the information in your network and mobilize people to pray during the hour assigned to your nation. 


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